IFRS Transfer Pricing

This course introduces students to the key concepts, accounting treatments, methodologies, and practices of transfer pricing within multinational corporations.

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IFRS Overview Updates

Subject: Accounting Fee: $100 CPD: 2 Hours Prerequisites: Intermediate Accounting Advance preparation: IFRS Standards Language: English Course Level: Intermediate Delivery…

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About Us

Mission and Vision:

The University of Mansford’s mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and quality learning in post-secondary online education to further personal and professional development for career-minded professionals in the financial sector. 

The University of Mansford’s vision is to provide a learning environment to promote subject knowledge, analytical skills, information literacy, and communication skills for the personal and professional development of all students.

Our Goals:

University of Mansford achieves its mission through the following institutional goals by:

  • Leveraging technology and using effective digital tools to deliver quality distance education programs.
  • Delivering current curricula and instructional materials that allow students to gain core business knowledge, analytical skills, information literacy, and communication skills.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified and diverse faculty who facilitate and support student learning.


Dr. Edward Kufuor, President

President’s Welcome Message

Dear Students and Families, 

Welcome to the University of Mansford. Let me introduce myself — Dr. Edward Kufuor, President of the University of Mansford. My role as President is the culmination of my professional development — from student to faculty member to educational division chairperson to Chief Academic Officer to President. My personal educational experience may be similar to yours — I strove to find educational opportunities that maximized my experience and opportunities at a reasonable cost and with flexible scheduling. For those reasons, I am proud to be part of your team.

The University of Mansford focuses on three student-oriented areas: affordability, accessibility, and quality education. These are important factors for you and the University’s team of faculty, administrators, and staff. Your success is our goal/priority. As President, I am committed to lifelong learning, continuous professional development, and the importance of integrating real world experience in education.

On behalf of the University’s team, Welcome!