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Why choose UM

At the University of Mansford (UM), we adopted the latest U.S. higher education pedagogy in the module format.

The innovative module format focuses on one course at a time and completion in 7.5 weeks. Your attention is centered, not jumbled by multiple courses, textbooks, deadlines, and assignments.


Benefits of the Module Structure


The module structure is 7.5 weeks. Unlike the traditional academic calendar which requires students to juggle multiple courses and subjects each semester, UM is designed for student success and focuses on one courses each module. You can choose to finish your studies faster via online modality meeting asynchronously throughout each course or take time off for work or travel and finish your studies later on. When one course ends, the next course begins the next week. As a rule, degree seeking students take one (1) courses at a time. This structure enhances learning, allows students to focus attention and resources on the courses, and helps balance ongoing professional and personal responsibilities.


At other universities, you need to complete multiple subjects at once. At UM, you’ll be fully focused on each subject. This allows you to focus, reinforce concepts through practical learning, and quickly implement feedback. It means that if you are fascinated by a subject, you can delve deeply and immerse yourself in it. And if you don’t enjoy it, you will be pleased to have it finished in only four weeks – rather than studying it across an entire semester.


With the module structure, you have a better chance of achieving academic success. Since we introduced the UM Module Model to our students in 2019, our students are performing better than ever before. Beyond academic results, the immersive module environment develops your confidence and independence as a learner and problem-solver, preparing you for success in your future career.


Module classes are interactive sessions where you are empowered to share ideas, debate concepts and explore learning opportunities. Learning in small, collaborative working groups with classmates and your teacher. You will feel more confident to speak up than in the standard lecture environment. While we are teaching remotely, our Zoom classrooms allow for breakout rooms just like a campus classroom, where you work in small groups.


In addition to the resources provided by your faculty, you’ll have access to all services and resources available in the LIRN Library from writing to literature reviews and video skills. You will help you gain skills, such as research and writing, that required for success by logging on to your Moodle account.

About Us

Mission and Vision:

The University of Mansford’s mission is to create affordable, accessible, and quality learning in post-secondary online education to further personal and professional development for career-minded professionals.

The University of Mansford’s vision is to provide a learning environment to promote subject knowledge, analytical skills, information literacy, and communication skills for the personal and professional development of all students.

Our Goals:

University of Mansford achieves its mission through the following institutional goals by:

  • Leveraging technology and using effective digital tools to deliver quality distance education programs.
  • Delivering current curricula and instructional materials that allow students to gain core business knowledge, analytical skills, information literacy, and communication skills.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified and diverse faculty who facilitate and support student learning.


Dr. Edward Kufuor, President

President’s Welcome Message

Dear Students and Families, 

Welcome to the University of Mansford. Let me introduce myself — Dr. Edward Kufuor, President of the University of Mansford. My role as President is the culmination of my professional development — from student to faculty member to educational division chairperson to Chief Academic Officer to President. My personal educational experience may be similar to yours — I strove to find educational opportunities that maximized my experience and opportunities at a reasonable cost and with flexible scheduling. For those reasons, I am proud to be part of your team.

The University of Mansford focuses on three student-oriented areas: affordability, accessibility, and quality education. These are important factors for you and the University’s team of faculty, administrators, and staff. Your success is our goal/priority. As President, I am committed to lifelong learning, continuous professional development, and the importance of integrating real world experience in education.

On behalf of the University’s team, Welcome!